The Good and Bad of Installing Hidden Cameras

There’s a lot to consider when planning to install a hidden security camera. While the benefits surely outweigh the downfalls, it is important to know it all before jumping in and making a purchase.

Most realize that technology is a double-edged sword. It’s true that upgrades and innovation have many benefits for the general public, yet they still at times bring on unexpected trouble. Most take advantage of the best points, however some abuse the power of technology and ruin it for the rest.

The hidden security camera is one of those bits of modern technology that is often used in offices and homes and continues to grow in popularity, especially as a dependable bit of security.


Many find that the advantages of hidden security cameras are enough to invest. Here are the biggest advantages to installing them:

Crime Deterrence

See how a discreet placed hidden security camera can make a difference. First, the installer will have peace of mind like never before. Crime is certainly prevented, even if the camera is not fully hidden, as the knowledge that an employee is being watched often keeps them from stealing or performing less than stellar in the workplace.

Activity Monitoring

Simple to use and very effective, the hidden security camera needs just a nearby power source to work. The options are endless from extremely small options to mount or place in a plant, picture frame or anything desired. Any bit of suspicion should be trusted when it comes to employees, family members or anyone. Monitor activity with ease for those visiting the office or home, and do it in real time.

Finding Evidence

Monitor the words and actions of people at events, or just during everyday activities in order to gather evidence. Legal authorities can use the evidence captured on a hidden security camera due to the great picture quality and sound. It can easily save any court case and provide the user with a favorable outcome.

Domestic Disputes

The footage from a hidden security camera easily helps one make decisions that are fair in regards to domestic and professional disputes. Disagreements in any scenario can be settled when one has the assistance of a camera to go back over the happenings and make a fair decision.


On the flip side to all these amazing advantages, there are still some disadvantages when it comes to using hidden spy cameras.


For a quality hidden spy camera one will be easily hundreds to thousands of dollars for equipment and installation. Other expenses include monitoring if the user can’t do it themselves.


Being accused of invasion of privacy is always an issue when it comes to hidden spy cameras. It is quite the controversy and some would rather avoid it all together, stating that they don’t want their loved ones or employees to feel badly from the get go, as if they are immediately not trusted. In this case, it’s simply a matter of choice as to which scenario is more desired.


Even though hidden security cameras are constantly improved upon and updated, don’t think for a second that criminals aren’t doing the research on them. Criminals sometimes know where they would be or how to detect them and disable them. In addition, hackers can tap into the cameras and use them to their advantage instead, or spy on the owner.

All in all, most find that hidden security cameras are worth the small bit of risk because of the peace of mind that comes along with them. They can be an affordable investment when done right, and ultimately save the day in most situations.