Safety First! Managing Visitors at Schools

It’s every parent’s nightmare. Someone who they do not know, or have not authorized, is talking to their child during school hours. Parents put their trust in schools to protect their children, and in turn, protect the safety of their information, wellbeing, and education. Parents can determine who can, and who cannot visit their child at school, and it is the school’s job to manage visitors at schools, maintaining the wishes of the parent, and providing a safe environment for their students.


We’ve all taught our kids not to talk to strangers, but sometimes strangers are convincing in ways that are alarming to parents, teachers, and even law enforcement. We need to take this nightmare out of the school system by installing a new check-in system to manage visitors at school. It is the school’s job to ensure that the right people are talking to, visiting, and picking up the correct child. All visitors should be required to check into a school’s main office before being able to enter the rest of the building. Here, their identification should be verified before allowing them to traipse about the school. Managing visitors at schools is as easy as the swipe of a driver’s license. With current technology, human error is diminished, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of students at schools, and removing risk out of the equation.

Code Red:

Students are taught what a “code red drill” is. This drill is when an unknown, unannounced visitor is in the school. The drill requires students to hide in the locked classroom, under the protection of their teacher. These drills work best when announced quickly to all students and teachers. This new technology prints visitor badges, allowing students and staff to quickly identify who belongs and who doesn’t. With a rigorous identification process, students and teachers will never again have to practice this drill.

Information Storage:

Not only can modern technology manage visitors at schools by storing the identification of a guest, it also discreetly checks federal databases, including criminal background checks and sex offender checks. This further protects school children and schools alike from unwanted or unwarranted visitors. This technology will alert security or personnel when someone on a watch list attempts to sign in to enter the building/

Ease of Access and Invitations:

These new identification checks are quick and painless, allowing the office staff to effectively do their jobs without the worry of human error. If needed, visitors can be pre-registered before arriving at the school. This way, the students and staff are prepared for their visit, and can plan accordingly. Invitations can be sent to pre-registered individuals via email. This email will include instructions on where to go, and how to sign in, as well as a pre-registered barcode making the already streamlined process even easier.

By managing visitors at schools with this new technology, students, faculty, and staff can feel more comfortable about their school days. Parents will feel better about sending their children to a school with this technology. Manage visitors at your school with this technology to create a safer learning environment for all children.