10 Top Creativity Tools

There is considerable debate about whether managers and staff in organisations can be creative given the constraints of the workplace. Personally, I think that there are enough different ways to be creative that the question is not whether they can be creative, but more one of how they can be creative, and is their creativity… Continue reading 10 Top Creativity Tools

Are You The Problem?

In these uncertain times, I am increasingly getting asked to look at businesses that have been successful and had meteoric growth and suddenly the growth plateaus and try as they might the owner cannot seem to sort things out. One I visited recently had been built up in the social media world and the guy… Continue reading Are You The Problem?

Millennials: How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Their Future?

As the tail end of the Millennial generation enters the workforce, considers having children, and cements itself in the world at large, it is without question that Millennials are going to experience a unique future compared to Generation X or any other generation that came before them for that matter. The world itself has evolved… Continue reading Millennials: How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Their Future?

Is Neuroplasticity an Effective Leadership Tool?

Every healthy brain has neurons. Those neurons store and carry information tied to your thoughts, education and experiences. Those neurons travel on paths in the brain, which are called neuropaths. The information the neurons carry helps you move, speak and think. In addition, those paths help you make sense of the world and relate one… Continue reading Is Neuroplasticity an Effective Leadership Tool?

Electrical Protection Saves Money

Many owners of a wide range of business types are realizing that upgraded electrical protection equipment in the form of industrial surge suppression devices can significantly impact the bottom line in a positive way. The continual push towards improved business functionality has found great success through elimination or reduction of replacement costs associated with equipment… Continue reading Electrical Protection Saves Money

Leaders: Innovative Organizational Tour Guides

As organizations focus on updating their technology and innovation, leaders have to be more astute change agents in order to grow and remain relevant in their industry. Leaders are the travel guides for their teams, businesses, and organizations. Business operations are the mechanics in the lifecycle of a business journey. The welfare of the group… Continue reading Leaders: Innovative Organizational Tour Guides