Invest In Yourself: The Value Of A Mentor

As we get ready to kick off a brand-spanking New Year, I reflect on years gone by.

And as I reflect, I’ve concluded that one of the best investments you can make is in yourself by learning something new.

To take it a step further, your investment consideration should be something that will pay you a nice tidy ROI (return on investment).

I love learning new things. I’m curious about all sorts of stuff. Over the years, I’ve had my head into many different subjects, mostly in the areas of sales, advertising, marketing, copy writing, business development and management.

But by no means do I keep my learning to these subjects. In fact, just recently I’ve been learning home wiring techniques and the electrical trade. Naw, I’m not planning on becoming an electrician.

Electricity has always been a fascination of mine. I bought a “man-cave” for the back yard and wanted some power in the building. So, as any decent DIYer would do, I decided to wire that sucker up myself.

So, I got busy and found some great tutorials on how to wire stuff like power panels, outlets, lights and switches. My teacher is a master electrician with over 26 years of experience and did a great job of presenting the lessons.

These days you can learn nearly anything on YouTube.

Another great learning experience is by finding a mentor or participating in an internship. There’s nothing like experience as a teacher and most mentors have tons of battle-tested experience.

You can save yourself a lot of time, frustration and expense by hooking up with the right mentor.

Truth be told, most of my business successes have been possible because of some good training and mentoring from top players in the field.

One top shelf player comes to mind is Terry Dean. If you’re not familiar with Mr. Dean, he’s been at the Internet marketing game for a long, long time; since the mid-1990s.

Terry started from scratch and went from delivering pizzas to building several million-dollar on-line businesses.

Today he’s one of the top internet marketing coaches and consultants.

Years ago, I attended his online Internet Marketing internship. It was awesome and one of the most instructive and useful marketing training that I’d even been part of. It cut light-years off the learning curve on how to successfully market a business both on-line and off.

Unfortunately, Mr. Dean has since discontinued that program but still offers other training and coaching programs. Google Terry Dean and you’ll find them.

The point here is find someone you trust and look up to and see if they offer training in the field of your choice.

If you don’t want to go the online route, check your local community college and see what programs of interest they offer. There may even be local businesses that offer various internships that could pave the way for you.

Basically, the world is truly your oyster and you can learn and achieve nearly anything you want. Just go after it.

I believe you’ll find a wealth of return on your investment, if properly applied. Get busy and start learning something new this year.

So, until next time… have a peaceful and profitable 2018!