Pure CNG Compressors: Back to Basics

CNG refers to compressed natural gas. This type of gas is commonly used in combination with a fuelling system in order to fuel different types of CNG vehicles. CNG compressors are connected to a regular supply of natural gas just like the gas supply found in homes or workplaces. If you are a home user, you can use pure CNG compressors in order to fuel different types of cars, buses and other home appliances. Let’s find out more.

Uses of a CNG compressor

The role of these units is to compress the gas and fill it in the vehicles. Apart from this, it can be used for pumping the gas into CNG tanks that can support high pressure. As soon as the tanks are filled up, the gas is refilled into the CNG cylinders with the help of a refueller.

The function of a refueller is to fill the storage tanks of a vehicle with the natural gas. At the same time, the refueller helps prevent the system from overheating. This is quite important as overheating can cause explosions, which can take a lot of lives.

Aside from there, there are many roles that these devices play. For instance, CNG compressors are used for compressing natural gas in a special pipeline system. Typically, the pipeline is quite long and is connected to a gas station where the gas is compressed.

The compressed gas is moved from point A to point B throughout the system. In these pipelines, several compressors are used. The dimensions and sizes depend upon the pipeline length and the natural gas amount that they need to transport.

The Features of CNG Compressors

Now that you are familiar with the functionality of CNC compressors, we should move ahead and look at the features of these systems. You may want to consider these features when looking for a good unit to buy. So, make sure you consider the primary features of the system listed below:

  • Quality: make sure that the compressors are high quality. Good units are CE marked.
  • Installation: These units are packaged for ease of installation.
  • Monitoring: if you want to monitor the system remotely, we suggest that you go for a system that can be monitored through Ethernet.
  • Maintenance: ideally, the unit should come with 5 years of warranty period so that the unit can be repaired free of charge
  • Proven record: The system should have a proven record.
  • Production: You can choose from units that come with different capacities, such as 30 bar or 200 bar.
  • The price of these units is up to £300,000. Units designed for homes are relatively less expensive.

Long story short, these are just some of the basic facts and figures about CNG compressors. If you are looking for a good unit, we suggest that you consider the information given above. Based on the features you need, you may want to go for the best unit to meet your needs. Hope this helps.