More Top OOH Media Products That Drive Sales and Clicks

In today’s multi-faceted digital world there are many innovative ad strategies available to agency creatives and brand managers tasked with growing brand value and increasing sales. Yet, according to Google, over half of all digital spending is wasted! Comscore indicates that 46% of all online advertising is never seen while the use of ad blockers is growing fast amongst high earners and millennials.

Want to improve a brands online marketing? Market the brand with outdoor advertising products because nearly two thirds of web traffic isn’t human but 100% of OOH traffic is! Consumers often recall seeing a brand’s new TV ad, even though no such ad has been produced. It turns out that what people remember is the Out Of Home advertising they pass each and every day.

With this fourth article in our series on the Out-Of-Home advertising industry, we go from the train station to the airport.

Platform Power and In-Station Supremacy: Concern for the environment and the availability of Park and Ride programs has a wide range of business professionals, college students and many other types of consumers leaving their vehicles in parking lots and riding commuter trains to and from work. Train and subway platforms offer exceptional frequency of your message to commuters waiting for the train to arrive or to passengers on the train as it stops at each platform. Opportunities vary by location, but most offer a variation on the traditional “Subway 2-Sheet” poster or bus shelter size displays.

Brand Domination: In high density urban areas, commuter rail and subway stations are frequently, but not always, the final destination for trains arriving into the hub of the city. With hundreds of thousands of commuters passing through these stations every week, agency designers can create a transformative consumer experience. By decorating the station walls with backlit posters, applying floor graphics to walkways and stairs, wrapping entry/exit turnstiles can greet newly arriving passengers with mini spectaculars. Station Dominations, as these types of displays are called, allow you to leverage the entire commuter experience to achieve brand awareness.

A High Flying Audience: Mass transit and commuter rail lines often connect to a city’s airport where your audience will experience more down time than just about anywhere else on earth! Frequent business travelers who have purchasing power in their organizations can be targeted within various airport touch points, resulting in more valuable face time for advertisers. These unique, high-visibility touch points — such as security lines, concourses, connection hubs, gates, baggage claim and parking structures — lend themselves to a holistic mix of OOH media products. Kiosks (3 or 4 sided freestanding units), baggage carts, giant wall mounted or stand-alone backlit fixtures, vinyl wall and column wraps, ceiling displays, floor graphics and panels on the baggage carousel units are just a few of the strategically positioned OOH advertising products that are perfect for promoting your brand in front of high value, world class consumers.

Fresh Campaign Idea: With the average airport terminal size from curbside to the gate comprising 100,000 square feet or more; consider layering in your brand message throughout the various airport touchpoints. Make your brand message even more unique and target the frequent flyer by leveraging OOH advertising products in connecting airports for a truly immersive brand building experience.