All About Displays

If you have a store, you need displays to showcase your products.

Types of displays

There are many types of displays you can go with. The most common are:

Permanent units: From their name, these are units that are constructed directly into the foundation of your store. The units are designed with the customer in mind. They are installed while considering the purchasing motivation, location, and presentation.

Countertop: These are designed for any products you would want to showcase. You can use them to showcase artwork, cookies, or anything else. They come in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes. All you need to do is choose the best for your needs.

Custom fixtures: These are ideal for drawing attention to your new products, extraordinary sales, seasonal items, and any other units you would want to showcase. To achieve the intended purpose, they come with great creativity, style, and craftsmanship.

Custom hooks: They are simple and customizable thus you can display almost anything you want. Since they are simply hooks, you can only show your products in the hanging position.

Sign holders: Sign holders are attractive, affordable, and provide a simple and convenient way to direct people to the products you want them to buy.

Tips to display your products

When you visit stores, why do you visit certain stations and not others? It’s because of the way the products are displayed. To attract people to your stand you need to display your products correctly. To help you out here are tips you should follow:

Observe the rule of 3: According to experts, the rule of 3 not only catches the attention of the customers, but it also cements the display of the product in the minds of the customers. To take advantage of this rule, arrange your products in sets of 3. For example, you should always have 3 products side by side. If grouping the products by height, have a tall, medium, and short product. To increase your sales, arrange the products from the best to the worse.

This helps the customers to easily find the product that gives them the best value and make the purchase.

The pyramid principle: The pyramid principle is another highly effective way of attracting your customer’s attention. Here you place the largest item at the center and the smaller products on the outside. According to experts, this type of display gives your products a fascinating look thus attracting the customers.