Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing the Translation Agency for Your Company

Once you have decided to give translation a strategic emphasis in your global marketing or new segment expansion or software/app plans, it’s time to choose the right translation agency which can make this seemingly-complex undertaking a smooth one. Translation is a space teeming with zillions of professionals and outfits in today’s dynamic marketing era. Yet,… Continue reading Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing the Translation Agency for Your Company

Graduating From College – How to Prepare for Life After College

After a crazy graduation celebration, throwing the graduation caps into the air, you and your friends were gathering, drinking and saying goodbye to rushing assignments, exams and the lovely diet with cereal and baked beans. Seems like your future is so bright and shiny after graduation. However, for the ones having a clear plan, it’s… Continue reading Graduating From College – How to Prepare for Life After College

10 Top Creativity Tools

There is considerable debate about whether managers and staff in organisations can be creative given the constraints of the workplace. Personally, I think that there are enough different ways to be creative that the question is not whether they can be creative, but more one of how they can be creative, and is their creativity… Continue reading 10 Top Creativity Tools

Accounting Defined

Watching an awards show of any kind, there will be a time when they introduce the accountants for the evening. Wait. What? Why are accountants anywhere near the major awards shows? Well, they are the ones responsible for tabulating the votes and figuring out who won. Sometimes it works out and sometimes… well, sometimes the… Continue reading Accounting Defined

Outsourcing Overseas: What Are the Nuances?

With the increasing number of reputable software outsourcing companies, owners of small and medium businesses start thinking over the necessity of hiring independent developers overseas. To some extent, this solution really makes sense, but the majority of entrepreneurs are still puzzled with the choice. If you belong to this category of people and cannot decide… Continue reading Outsourcing Overseas: What Are the Nuances?

Are You The Problem?

In these uncertain times, I am increasingly getting asked to look at businesses that have been successful and had meteoric growth and suddenly the growth plateaus and try as they might the owner cannot seem to sort things out. One I visited recently had been built up in the social media world and the guy… Continue reading Are You The Problem?